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Laura Alr

And stay clear of the toxins in your gym

Photo by Monstera from Pexels

It’s a trend we’re starting to know too well: a little less meat on your plate, a little more recycling in your waste, and a set of new eco-friendly habits that have been pushing you to rethink everything about your life.

But does this new eco-friendly you has tackled its workout routine yet?

Ethical, zero waste, sustainable, and eco-friendly are terms oversaturating our current day-to-day life. And for good reasons. If the pandemic has shown us one thing, our need to be more conscious towards our planet is vital for our survival. …

I loosely tracked my sleep for this experiment

woman in activewear sleeping on bed
woman in activewear sleeping on bed
Photo by Tim Samuel from Pexels

There is nothing quite like deeming the light, snuggling yourself in fresh sheets, and letting yourself doze off peacefully into the night.

Yes, jumping into bed after a long day is a great feeling. But what’s even better is that while your muscles melt into the fluffy mattress and your mind wander off to dreamland, your body puts your cells at work.

When you clock in 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night, your body goes through a complete cycle that includes two phases:

  • NREM or your deep sleep
  • REM or your dream sleep

These phases are part of…

and it completely changed the way I self-care

woman applying moisturizer
woman applying moisturizer
Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

Every morning, I make a point to spend less than 10 minutes on my skincare. I’m a true advocate for “the less, the better” and rarely dwell on the way I look. While I still go about my skincare that way, something dramatically changed when I turned 28.

The skin microbiome ageing realisation

In an effort to have a well-deserved “self-care day” for my birthday, I booked a facial appointment. As it was my first time getting such a fancy treatment, my facialist ran through a typical skin assessment before commencing treatment. She asked about my skin concerns and current care routine.

To my surprise…

With examples on transforming boring emails to wow your dream clients

Photo: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

My emails are boring. That was the first reality I had to face as a freelancer when no one was replying to my cold pitches.

I’m talking about the emails that make up your freelancing business. The cold pitches, meeting scheduling, follow-up, and onboarding which are so relevant for any freelancer yet incredibly dull.

Think about it. When was the last time you sent an interesting follow up that didn’t start with “just following up”. …

Yes, freelancers and agencies can be certified eco-friendly

Photo by Casia Charlie from Pexels

A business that has an environmental purpose stands out in an oversaturated market. Unfortunately, it is easy to share eco-friendly claims without backing them up.

When a customer is deciding between two products, the one that is certified vegan or organic will be more persuasive.

But this article is not about product-based business. It is about services. Businesses like coaches, freelancers, and boutique agencies. Businesses like yours. Vegan and organic stamps can’t apply to you, so how can you stand out and certify your business’s environmental actions?

Well with this article, you can. It’s important to know that no matter…

Here’s 5 ways to manage the emotions that comes with it.

Photo by Tatiana from Pexels

Doing what we want we our time is where we find happiness. It’s the travels, the experiences, the crazy moments we share we our friends and family.

So when most of these are taken away, you enter a dialed-up fight or flight mode. At first, the idea that “this too shall pass” keeps your head above the water. But when it starts to last — over a year that is — you enter crisis fatigue.

Therapists describe crisis fatigue as physical and emotional exhaustion. It causes the ongoing negativity and stress you experience.

With the constant overstimulation of emotions, It’s…

Providing actionable steps and tapping into your uniqueness is everything

Photo by Ben Mack from Pexels

As a health and wellness brand, you know that the competition for your customers’ attention is high.

In a desperate search for more information on how they can improve their well-being, your customer easily jumps from one business to another for advice.

Unfortunately, the over-saturated web often provides them with vague, old-news advice such as “Meditating 10 minutes a day will improve your wellbeing” that they already failed to apply.

That’s where your opportunity to stand out lies. In order to retain customers with your content, you need to provide them with specific, and actionable value. …

They all take 2 minutes to implement

Woman cooking in kitchen
Woman cooking in kitchen
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

It was bound to happen. You quickly walk down the grocery aisle, in the hunt for the one thing that will transform your weekly meal. There are too many people, it freaks you out. When you finally find the shelf, your eyes open in horror.

Your essential staple is sold out. You don’t want to stay in the store much longer, slightly panic, and grab a box of mac’n’cheese.

This scenario happened to me too many times. Thankfully, it taught me to be more resourceful.

Like most people, I spend limited time in the shops, so I try to make…

with 4 actions that turns millennials and Gen Z into loyal customers

Photo by Sam Lion from Pexels

If your ideal customer is part of the Millennial or Gen-Z generation, chances are they are very particular to convert. I would know because I’m a Millennial.

It is easy to bang your head onto the wall trying to figure out of to convert us. We stay away from pushy marketing, we see right through clickbait, and a simple product is just not enough anymore.

Thankfully, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on Instagram influencers anymore. Because what matters to your ideal customer is sustainability.

In this article, I’m covering 4 sustainable ways that have helped brands convert…

Laura Alr

Failing millennial exploring wellness, freelancing, and sustainability.

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